Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cotton Cupcakes Tutorial

Dania Cottage Cotton Cupcakes

What you need : Cloth any design

Jelly mould and Doily paper (cut off the inner part)

Any accessories of your choice
Fibre or filler from your cusion or pillow

Step 1: Cut the cloth round shape basically 7-8 inch diameter.

Step 2 : Insert the fibre in and make a puff , tie the end part (sort of "bunjut").

Step 3 : Glue the doily paper on the jelly mould

Step 4 : and , put the puff on to the jelly mould. glue the overall edge of the mould.

Step 5 : Add any accessories to the cake (ribbon buds or beads)
Then your cotton cupcakes are set to go....sweet as a wed. reception door gift or a friendship token.
* Disclaimer : This tutorial is a personal idea of Dania cottage, any reproduction without permisson are srictly prohibited.

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